Aubrey Rasmussen and Cammy Morrell came up with the idea of Stoked while traveling abroad in Europe.  After years combined of working in cafes and coffee it only made sense to open up shop in their home of Ventura, California.  

Cammy originally having a background in fashion,  fell in love with the art of cafe style food and specialty coffee.  Her favorite part of the cafe is the kitchen if she isn't on bar pouring lattes.  The menu was crafted by her to be simple and delicious.  Aubrey is the most talented on bar.  Her passion and background in coffee is super complex.  The two of them are a great team of business meets artistic with a lot of values.   Stoked Coffee Co.  is only the beginning of what they both dream of doing, and would like to open more locations in the future.  

Stoked Coffee Co.  came to be after months and months of research for the perfect location.  While traveling around California and Europe, Cam and Aub were able to try the best coffee, eat the most tasty food, talk with many baristas, and document lots of ideas of what one day would be Stoked.  From chairs to cups, bread to tables, light fixtures to plants, all of these things were inspirational and had to be found in Ventura, CA.   It took about a year to find the perfect building in the perfect spot.  In February 2017 they were able to receive keys to their future shop which they now are in business at.   The El Jardin Courtyard has been such an amazing experience for them and they don't plan on leaving anytime soon! 

stoked |'stókëd'|

ADJECTIVE  excited or euphoric.

ORIGIN late 18th cent.: